6 Rootin’ Tootin’ Country Western Products

  • Jul 6, 2024

Country Western isn’t just a type of music genre, it’s become an entire culture in the American West and around the world. Cowboy culture dates back to the 19th century when ranchers settled in New Mexico and Texas with their cattle. They owned many of the iconic western staples we think of today like bandanas, spurs, and lassos. Here are six of our current favorite products that portray modern cowboy culture. 


 Custom Bandana

Bandanas aren’t just for fun decorative purposes! They were originally created to protect the face from dust and debris in the southwest which is notorious for dry and dusty climates. As we know, bandanas are a hot commodity these days, so why not send your clients a colorful reminder that you’re thinking of them during this time. 


Bolo Tie

 Custom Bolo Tie

Bolo ties are a statement piece that says “This ain’t my first rodeo” even if it’s only your second rodeo. They were originally made from attaching coins, stones, or even refrigerator magnets to leather cords, but now you can add your company logo for a more polished look!


Cowboy Boot Flash Drive

 Cowboy Boot Flash Drive

This may look like a traditional cowboy boot complete with spurs, but it’s actually a USB drive! Keeping your important files on a flash drive ensures you’ll be able to access them from anywhere, even if you’re in a saloon watching the tumbleweeds roll by. 


Cowboy Hats

 Cowboy Hats

You can’t have cowboy culture without the iconic cowboy hats! Say “Yee-haw” and toss these high-quality leather hats into the air to celebrate finding the perfect western product.


Longhorn Plushie

 Longhorn Plushie

This Texas Longhorn plushie is perfect for your little cowboys and cowgirls. The reason they’re called longhorns is pretty obvious, their horns can extend over 70 inches! 


Sheriff’s Badge

 Custom Sheriff Badge


Countries around the world have sheriffs as a legal officer, but only sheriffs in the United States wear star badges. These replica sheriff badges make it look like you stepped right off the set of a western movie!

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